The Occupant Press Kit

Fact Sheet 

Developer: Agency Principle (Chicago, IL) and Purple Pwny Studios LLC (Apex, NC)

Publisher: Agency Principle

Platform: PC


Price: $1.99

Availability: Digital download

Steam Page: 

Language: English

File Size: 450MB

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The Occupant is a PC update to the 2013 iOS cult horror hit of the same name. You have been sent to the 13th floor of a long-abandoned hotel. Abandoned, that is, except for one remaining occupant…

You have precious little time to complete increasingly challenging goals across 20 levels. You must complete your objectives and make it to the elevator before your camera batteries run dry, all while avoiding the clutches of the building's last remaining occupant. If you keep your wits about you, you just might survive…

Featuring an oppressive, claustrophobic atmosphere, a found-footage horror aesthetic, and a relentless antagonist, The Occupant is like no other game you’ve ever played.



Agency Principle is a Chicago-based independent studio founded by industry veteran Justin Fischer, formerly of Wideload Games/Disney Interactive. Having worked on major releases like Guilty Party and Disney Infinity and with prominent brands like Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar, Justin set out on his own as a consultant and then put down roots to start his own studio.

Agency Principle believes that letting players choose their own approach - enabling them to embrace their own agency - is what makes video games so compelling. As such, we want to work on games that promote choice over funneling players down a heavily scripted path. We also love horror and thrillers in whatever form they take.

The Occupant was ported to PC with the invaluable assistance and expertise of our friends at Purple Pwny Studios (